Children's Related Problem

Children's Related Problem

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Kids at home make the environment lively. And without kids life is lifeless. Childless couples go through such a psychological pain. Childbirth is a blessed part of a woman’s life. All over world, having children is a very significant part of a marital life. Women must get child after marriage. In many communities it is very important to get heir to the family. So if a women does not bear a child then she is disrespected for her inability. Children related problems can come in different forms like childlessness, not getting desired child, or not getting children as planned etc. There may be problems with any one of the partners. If there is no medical issues then there is sure planet relationship issue in horoscope either for the man or woman. Astrology has solution for the same.

Having children is the greatest desire for any couple and they are proud of motherhood and fatherhood. This is the type of happiness which every married people want, but sometimes due to some hostile situations couple don’t get the chance of having children. For some couples child don’t stay or the lady won’t have healthy pregnancy. Some cases medical science will fail to deduce Children related problems. Astrology will give the best remedy. In Vedic astrology, planet houses in a horoscope represents the chances of children in one’s life. Before having any conclusion, horoscope of the couple is analyzed and remedial plan is provided.

In Vedic astrology, 5th house indicates the childbirth. Virtues and the sins that are carried from the previous birth gives putra dosha in one’s life. Children related problems will be predominantly taken up by an expert astrologer. Our world famous Indian astrologer Florida Pandith Santhoshis an expert in relieving you from children related problems. Pandith Santhosh will find out the reason for not having children, delay in child birth, child not surviving, Miscarriages and so on and will give remedy that will work immediately.

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