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Negative Energy

Negative Energy

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Negative energy can come to a person from anywhere outside or from some other houses. Houses with negative energy will make the inmates to feel impatience, nervousness or fear. No success will come. Only struggles and postponement will happen. People will get more emotional imbalance and depression. People around will not be in coordination. Negative energy can surround a place or a person. But the target is always a person. Negative energy will be of different forms like Evil Eye, Black magic, Witchcraft etc

Some planets like Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Ketu affect human life. The four angles and twelve houses in the horoscope determines the person’s energy forms. Motion of some planets bring positivity into a person’s life some brings negative energy. Thus the relationship if places and its movement for a person’s positive and negative energy very important.

When a person is susceptible to Negative energy or affected by negative energy Negative energy removal by an expert is very significant. Once you smell the negative energy around you, you must take steps to identify the cause and type of the negative energy and you must plan for Negative energy removal promptly. Astrology is a blessing for everyone to help in despair. Pandith Santhosh can give you astrological remedies to remove evil energies from your life. He can provide you with yantras which could be installed at your workplace or house. He can also cast spells that will remove the negative energy from your life. He will also deliver you amulets to wear to diminish the negative effects around you. Negative energy removal is a pious work. Our world famous Indian astrologer Pandith Santhosh Negative energy removal specialist in Florida.

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